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Drywall J Channel is readily available for shipment from Dass Metal’s enormous inventory. Custom quotations are available, and our prices are quite affordable

An essential interior or exterior trim is known as a J channel. It is used to finish and terminate plaster, stucco, drywall, or wood panels. For the purpose of enhancing and beautifying rounded drywall corners, sconces, and reveals, Dass Metals holds a wide range of decorative drywall j channels. This product is designed to replace more labor-intensive and expensive specialized manual processes in finer building and renovation projects.

Dass Metals has been producing highly visible architectural metal fabrications for the biggest builders, artists, designers, and architects in the world. Dass metals is known for customized designs in metal.

  • High Rise Office Towers
  • Public Buildings
  • Luxury Residential High Rise Buildings
  • Airports
  • Showcase Private Residences
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Retail Malls
  • Health and Medical Facilities
  • Museums
  • Schools and Colleges

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