Dass Future Deck

Tired of rots and repairs in your deck? Is the deck still banking after using level at every step?

Dass Metal Studs presents to you the Future Deck. Made from corrosion resistant galvanized steel which lasts much longer than any other alternative. We offer the Future Deck as a package that includes all the necessary accessories you will need while installing the deck. Unlike wood, every single piece is precision cut, so the result is a perfect deck every time with no waste.

future deck

Dass Future Deck is one of a kind product which will save you money over the years zero maintenance costs. Since steel does not bend like wood, the result is a perfectly levelled deck. The load bearing capacity of the Future Deck is manifolds that of wood, hence there are lesser footings throughout the deck structure.

Dass Future Deck has a rather minute carbon footprint as it replaces wood and maintenance is close to zero. It is safe to say that the future looks eco-friendly.

To know more about Dass Future Deck, get in touch with our customer service department.