Largest Supplier for J moulding for drywall

A considerably wider variety of drywall corner beads are available from Dass Metals, including modern rounded bullnose beads in various radii and angles.

All-metal J beads come with deeply knurled mud anchors and precise punches for improved mud adhesion and simpler finishing. They also offer a straight, cost-effective, and durable way to finish your drywall corners.

The DASS drywall J trim is made of satin-coated galvanized steel and is used to shield the borders of drywall. Although L trim protects the edges of drywall, J trim is used when painting the longer leg rather than finishing the L trim as is done when applying corner bead.

When determining which form of drywall trim will be best for the task you’re doing, keep in mind that there are wide distinct varieties and several purposes for each type. Compared to standard drywall trim, J molding for drywall offers a larger bevel for joint compound.

Plasterboard sections have a defined boundary created by galvanized steel mouldings. A pre-formed arris and an asymmetrical profile with one perforated leg to facilitate jointing material
  • Used to cover plasterboard ends that can be exposed during installation.
  • Incorporates a raised metal bead to give the plaster a crisp, straight edge.
  • The ASTM standards D3678 and C1047 must be followed by all drywall accessories.
  • Each product must undergo independent testing to ensure that it complies with Canadian Code and meets ASTM standard D4216-99.
  • Finishes that work with all paint finishes and drywall mud.
  • They must be placed in accordance with industry norms and utilised where the architect specifies.

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