Supplier of L-Bead Drywall

L Beads are designed to finish drywall layering details, and rough drywall ends. Nails, screws, or staples can be used for simple attachment to studs through the L-bead drywall flange. The high shoulder and numerous perforations on the 1-1/8″ flange improve flush finishing while enhancing strong compound adhesion. It is simple to field cut rigid vinyl without distorting the shape of producing burrs or sharp edges, and it won’t rust or dent.

The “half-bead” or “drywall L Trim” is used to protect the edges of the drywall. The 1/2 or 5/8 leg safeguards the top edge whereas the 1-1/4 leg can be filled like a corner bead.

For use with 1/2-inch drywall, angle-type trim gives a finished appearance for wallboard margins at door and window openings. It is simple to install, has a hemmed edge that adds rigidity and keeps the bead straight, and has a knurled, perforated flange that promotes cement adhesion.
  • Made with rust- and dent-resistant PVC to minimize handling and construction site damage.
  • L Bead is helpful for free-form drywall art and finishing columns.
  • Does not have cellulose, a possible source of food for mold.

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