Wall bearing steel framing system

Dass Metals has been offering a wide spectrum of clients superior quality and value steel building construction solutions. In addition, we have experience providing services for many types of commercial construction projects, including both new construction and renovations.

Dass Metals Building Products uses the latest manufacturing and engineering technology to ensure that our products fulfill industry requirements for usefulness, strength, performance, and safety.

Buildings’ roofs, walls, and floors are extremely resilient and long-lasting, thanks to the steel building framing system. It is a viable, affordable, and flexible choice that can be applied to a wide range of architectural designs and construction projects.

With a wide variety of framing solutions offered by Dass Metals, you may benefit from excellent performance and exceptional design freedom. Each steel building framing system is specifically made to your specifications and applicable local building codes utilizing 3D BIM design technology, whether it is for new construction or renovation.

To acquire the best design solution for your building needs, your building metal can be designed to almost any required dimension. We provide a wide range of structural systems as a custom metal building maker, with options for standard and extended spans.

  • Exterior lateral load-bearing curtain wall systems
  • Rafters, purlins, and girts
  • Interior load-bearing walls
  • Axial load-bearing exterior walls

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