Why Metal Stud Is Better Than Wood Studs

The moment we need to think of re-modeling the house or finishing the basement, we get confused. Why shouldn’t we? However, if you visit any hardware store, you will find that there are just two options to choose from – either a metal stud or a wood stud. As a result, it is quite natural that you may wonder why it is so.

According to housing and building professionals, there are a lot of advantages to using metal studs and wood studs. However, most of the builders prefer to use either of these. Therefore, people have always wondered what the big debate is all about. More importantly, experts are interested in understanding which of the two is truly better.

So, let’s take a good look at the most prominent benefits of both wood and metal studs. Also, we will explore the best ways to make these studs fit best depending on specific needs. Most of the facts would be discussed so that you have an idea about which type of stud is best and how it can impact your decision.

Wood Studs

There was a time when wooden studs were the most preferred in the market. However, things have changed, and now it is very difficult to convince someone to use them over the metal stud. So what’s the reason for such a scenario?

Taking a good look at the advantages and disadvantages of wood studs may explain why the market has moved away from them. These days, it is difficult to find wooden studs, and you may manage to find some of these in case it happens to be your only choice at the time of re-modeling.

Is Wood Stud Traditional

Long before the use of metal applications, wood was the only option people had. It was so since wood was capable of providing considerable support to a range of different structures. Home-builders or constructors could only think of the use of wood to complete the tasks. It constituted the traditional re-modeling mindset, but it was also found that wood stud was way safer and happened to be practical in terms of construction.

The Various Types Of Wooden Studs Available

When it comes to wooden studs, there are a lot of varieties available. You may come across something as small as 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 inches or something as big as 2 x 8 inches. Such kinds of studs are constructed from softwood trees. Examples include spruce and pine. These are also called light structural lumber.

It has been observed that most of the projects do not require anything big other than the given standard sizes. However, it is still possible to come across studs that are made from hardwood or perhaps cedar. It all depends on the level of quality that one desires.

Kind Of Screws That Are Best For Wood Studs

Like there are a lot of stud options, there are also numerous screw options to choose from. Those who are re-modeling for the first time or even home-owners usually get confused when choosing the product that would best fit with the material. In the case of wooden studs, there are indeed quite a few good options that one can go ahead with. The best option happens to be a nail since there is hardly anything sturdier than hammering it into the finished material. You also have the option to consider metal or plastic screws for finishing the piece. You have to keep in mind that you don’t force in something. Note that the integrity of wood can wear as time passes. Therefore, ensure that you don’t end up opening a hole that becomes too big to work upon.

Metal Stud Framing

Reasons to Choose Metal over Wood Studs

While many modern construction professionals boast about the advantages of wooden studs over metal counterparts, there are still a lot of benefits associated with the metal stud that happens. As a result, there is still a lot of demand for these in the market for good reasons.

Given below are a few of the advantages associated with using metal studs instead of wood:

Metal is Stronger than Wood

Metal studs can support more weight of materials that might be far heavier than the metal itself. Hence, Metal studs would be the ideal choice for load-bearing walls, frames, doorways, cabinets, etc.

Is metal studs stronger than wood studs

Metal studs can support more weight of materials that might be far heavier than the metal itself. Hence, Metal studs would be the ideal choice for load-bearing walls, frames, doorways, cabinets, etc.

Easy To cut

It is way easier to cut a metal stud than a wood stud. All that is needed is a saw, and then cutting lumber is no big deal. Comparatively, it is way riskier to cut wood. And, once it is cut, the best would be to just leave it. On the other hand, metal can be given a shape and can also be molded as per a specific size, could be cut with a metal saw or tin snips

Long Lasting

Metal is way more long-lasting than any other. For years, wood has proven itself to be reliable. In case of wear and tear, it can easily be replaced and that too economically.

Disadvantages Of Wood Studs

However, there are a few disadvantages as well while considering wood or metal studs. Depending on the nature of the work, a few factors might be considered while making a choice. The following are the disadvantages why home builders prefer metal over wood.

Rot And Wrap

It has been found that it would is exposed to a lot of water for humidity, the wood stud may become useless. It takes quite a lot to protect the wood during the wet months of the year.


As on date, wood has become expensive than metal. There was a time when would was economical. Although a few soft foods are not so expensive as hardwood, the comparative cost between metal and wood studs cannot be ignored.


It is way more difficult to install a wooden start as compared to a metal one. In the case of a wood start, several tools are required at the time of installation. These may include a table saw, nailer, common nails, hammer, drill and screws  essential to secure the studs properly.

Although wood studs have a lot of advantages, there are still a few drawbacks that must be taken care of.  The material is not suitable for all kinds of projects. Therefore these may not be the ultimate choice if the work is related to only re-modeling.

Metal Studs – How Superior Are These

The structural metal studs are among the most common studs found in any of the hardware stores. These are used in most construction projects. Metal wall starts are usually made of metal. These are specifically meant for basement walls. It can also be used to design a partition wall or some other portion of a typical metal structure.

Metal studs are generally used for supporting load-bearing and non-loading bearing wall. Such walls are common in home decoration and are considered a light gauge metal frame. This type of material is common while erecting temporary partitions or structures. Constructing a frame with metal studs is usually quite fast and simple and, at the same time, affordable too.

Construction costs are lower:

There are a few variables to be aware of in this area. According to Metal Framing Alliance calculations, metal framing can cost three to fifteen percent less than wood studs; however, metal studs have price benefits in other areas that can outweigh this price difference. There are no shrinkage issues with metal; it won’t split or distort, therefore warranty calls are minimal. As a result, there are no drywall cracks or nail pops to correct once the building is finished when installed correctly

Consistent quality implies that scrap is considerably reduced (2% for metal vs. 20% for wood), lowering costs for carting away and disposing of waste material. Metal-framed structures may also qualify for large discounts on risk insurance. You also can get custom length of metal studs made to size and have 0% scrap

Metal Vs. Wood Stud – What’s The Big Deal

There has always been a debate over the use of a metal stud on a wooden frame. The general rule is that, of course, it can be. Metal happens to be much lighter in weight than wood. Hence, it will never cause the wood to stretch or get worn out.

What Is The Best Screw For A Metal Stud

Just like in the case of wooden studs, there are a variety of choices associated with metal. The only material that cannot go well with a metal stud is the traditional nail.  There is just no way to hammer such a nail on a metal structure. It is only possible on a wooden one.

The only alternative is a drywall screw for a metal stud that would make up for the gap. It is quite easy to insert a drywall screw. Also, it is easy to remove those in case of any mistake. The important thing is to evaluate everything structurally. Always remember that the placement of a start is crucial for the integrity of the whole frame.

Various Types Of Metal Studs

The size of metal studs is more or less standardized as compared to a wooden stud. The standard size of a metal stud varies from 1-5/8” to 14”. The size of a particular stud also depends on the framing of the wall depth you wish to achieve.

Advantages Of Metal Studs

There are a lot of benefits offered by metal studs. If that is the case of re-modeling a single room of a house or a special basement project, it would be best to consider the advantages of using a metal start compared to the traditional wooden one.

Some of the advantages  of using metal stud are given below:

Rot or Warp

No matter what, a metal stud will never degrade over time. Nor are these affected by humidity or moisture. A metal stud would remain sturdy and straight for an extended period. In some cases, even for a lifetime.

Light Weight

A metal stud is much lighter than a wooden one.  Therefore, it is easy to store in bulk and less complicated to maintain once used. Wight of a metal stud 3-5/8 8 feet (4 Lbs) woodstud  2×4 8 feet (9 Lbs).

Easier To Acquire

It is not at all difficult to acquire metal studs. Since there has been an increased use of metal or metal studs, manufacturers have started producing them in large volumes. Many construction professionals still prefer metal to wood, due to the obvious benefits. Also, what happens to be the perfect choice in such cases requires the use of other metal parts.

For instance, if any project requires constructing a doorway or a window, the ideal choice would be to use metal instead of wood.

Safe Against Termite and Fire

In case there are termites around, the chances are high that a wooden stud will not be able to stand against it. Sooner or later, the termites will damage the stud. However, with a metal stud, there are no such risks. On top, metal is fire-proof, (refer to your local building code) and so the level of protection is even more.


Metal studs are more affordable than wood. Most of the metal studs these days are manufactured using recycled materials. It allows reducing the cost as compared to disposable wood.

Building Costs: 

Metal buildings are faster and easier to construct and easier and cheaper in regards to maintenance. Usually, it will cost between $50 and $65 per square foot on average to build a metal home, which is around 30% less than a standard home. Metal, unlike other materials, is frequently regarded as a one-time investment.

Traditional Framers are unfamiliar with it:

Metal stud framing may be foreign to traditional or small builders. However, the transition from wood to metal is very easy. Rather than hiring a traditional wood framing crew, it is vital to engage with a building and frame crew with previously erected metal stud construction.

Decorative wall hanging:

The homeowner cannot simply drive a nail into a wooden stud for hanging a portrait, television arm, or a mirror, or unlike wood studs. When constructing a metal stud structure, the contractor will frequently install wood blocking in the regions where these things will be positioned. This allows the homeowner to use standard nails and screws to nail or screw directly into the wood. This, according to a few, is a minor disadvantage of metal studs that can be readily remedied with some forethought.

Higher Embodied Energy & Non-Biodegradable:

We typically miss the fact that metal studs do not have biodegradable property and consist of embodied energy, usually on the higher side. Even though wood is a renewable resource, harvesting trees has a considerable environmental cost.

One thing to keep in mind concerning framing in metal studs is that the components are frequently made from recycled materials. Metal stud buildings can be recycled and reused once they are dismantled. We haven’t discovered complete research on the ecological implications of any of these construction styles, so choosing one system over the other only based on environmental impact is challenging.

The cost of installing metal studs in numerous homes is the biggest deterrent. The objective is that the cost of manufacturing and installing metal framing systems will fall closer to that of wood framing. If the cost of metal stud framing decreases and more persuasive ecological researches can be undertaken in its favor, this kind of construction will most certainly become the industry norm.

Cheaper to Install

Metal studs are not only lightweight, but they are comparatively cheaper to install than wood studs. You can rest assured that the installation (including the price paid to the contractor and for acquiring the parts for installation) will be somewhat similar for both.

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