Benefits Of Using Metal Studs As Against Wooden Studs

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Here are top 6 benefits for using metal studs in construction or as building materials, traditionally wooden studs were used. This was because it was abundant and cheap. However, being an organic material, wooden studs are susceptible to damage by moisture and attacks by termites and ants. With steel studs being nearly 30 percent cheaper than wooden studs, it makes a lot of sense to switch to this for the following reasons-

Convenience –

As metal studs are lighter and hollow than wooden studs, it is much more easy to store and transport. While cutting metal studs, you do not have to worry about the huge quantities of sawdust that emerge. You only need to have a metal saw cutting blade which can be used with gloves for safety purposes.

Stability –

With wooden studs, there is the chance of it getting warped or twisted. This is not the case with metal studs. They can be installed at regular intervals on a wall and you can be sure that it will remain in that way as long as you need it to.

Ease of installation –

Steel studs weigh almost one third lesser than their wooden counterparts, making it much easier to install. If you need to move the studs, you can simply unscrew it and change its position, something that cannot be done with wooden studs.

Strength –

Steel studs are quite strong, making them ideal for construction in high wind and seismic zones.

Fire and insects 

Wood studs are susceptible to damage from fire and carpenter ants, termites and other insects. On the other hand, there is no such problem with steel studs, making them much more popular for construction of houses and other buildings.

Lower Construction Costs –

Along with the ease of use, metal studs also do not warp, twist or get damaged in any other way as is the case with wooden studs. Constructing a house with metal studs is also significantly cheaper than using wooden studs. Additionally, there is also less scrap generated in the use of metal studs.

There is no doubt that metal studs are the most eco-friendly and practical alternative to using wood studs. If you want to get your house made with metal studs, contact a contractor who has prior experience working with metal studs.

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