Resilient Channel

Resilient channels can be utilized in any application where sound transmission is an issue, but they are frequently used in multi-family housing developments, particularly those with wood frame construction. One of the most effective low-cost techniques designed to lessen airborne sound transmission via partition and ceiling assemblies is using resilient channels from Dass Metal.

As more and more multi-occupancy buildings are constructed, sound transmission (STC) has become a more important consideration in wall and ceiling design than ever before. When used on walls or ceilings, DASS resilient channel home depot significantly raises STC ratings. By suspending the gypsum wallboard 1/2″ from the stud or joist, the resilient channel stops sound waves effectively, dispersing the energy and minimizing sound transmission.

Your project’s metal or wood framing will obtain a more excellent STC rating thanks to resilient channel ceiling detail. Sound attenuation blankets placed into the wall or floor cavity can increase sound absorption.

RC Channel Features

  • Separates the plasterboard from the joists and studs, thus offering insulation against sound.
  • Low cost
  • Add 3-5 dB more insulation.
  • It is lightweight (just 1.2 kg), making it simple to operate.
  • Simple cutting with snips or a grinder is possible.
  • Its slotted Holes reduce flanking noise.




Custom Lengths Available

Resilient channel is manufactured from hot-dipped zinc coated steel with a standard length of 12 feet but custom lengths are readily available upon request.

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