Furring Channel

The drywall furring channel is a versatile ‘hat-shaped’ section with a wide range of applications. It is primarily used to connect your finished wall material to the underlying framework, providing structural support. Furring is commonly attached perpendicularly to bridging channels and serves as the base to which drywall is subsequently secured. It’s the preferred method for constructing drywall ceilings as well. In scenarios involving concrete surfaces, furring is typically used to fasten drywall securely. Additionally, it finds application in situations such as metal siding, where it is horizontally affixed to the structure and then acts as a foundation for the siding material.

To effectively reduce structure-borne sound transmission and maximize the usable space in soundproof rooms, drywall furring hat channels are an excellent solution. Galvanized steel hat channels designed for drywall applications can be seamlessly incorporated into drop ceilings or walls. The availability of steel channels in heavier gauges allows for increased loading capacity. Steel channels are renowned for their resilience, reliability, and structural integrity, making them the ideal choice for construction projects. For optimal results in constructing a drywall ceiling, a combination of cold-rolled channels and furring channels is recommended.

For a secure and long-lasting bonding option on your ceiling or walls, steel is the ideal choice. It is galvanized to ensure protection against corrosion and fire hazards, offering a high level of safety. Additionally, steel channels are straightforward to install, adding to their convenience.

Furring Channel:








Custom Lengths Available
Available in

Furring channel is manufactured in both .018 and .033 thicknesses in standard 10 & 12 feet lengths.

Custom lengths are also readily available.

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