L-track is one of those things whose importance you don’t fully appreciate until you need it. Once you’ve used it, you’ll see that there are many different methods to use L-track as a flatbed driver. L Track is a light gauge galvanized steel utility angle used in various applications such as column framing, bulkheads, etc. We have a variety of L-track systems with hooks, tacks, fittings, and other accessories because we are aware of how useful they are. Although 1 x 2 is the most typical size, DASS can make angles in almost any size and gauge to fit your needs.

This universal light-duty steel L track fitting can be used with any kind or style of aluminum load track. Almost any item can be attached to the aluminum tracker using the fitting. You can relocate the component wherever you want along the track by simply drilling a hole in the component you desire to attach.

For light loads that don’t need conventional winches and tie-downs, L-track is the best option. It is simple to install and use and incredibly efficient. We probably have just what you’re searching for if you’re looking for L-track. The same high standards that we maintain in our other products are also maintained in all of our L-track stud fitting items.


1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″

1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″

1” x 2″

2” x 2″

3” x 3″











Custom Lengths Available

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