J Trim

J Bead Trims are reveal-style galvanised steel casings that are strong and give drywall terminations around door and window openings the maximum amount of protection and neatly finished edges. At junctions or where gypsum panels about contrasting surfaces like columns and window mullions, Drywall J Trims provide a neat trim line. Hemmed edges make installation quick and don’t need joint compound to finish.

Dass Metal’s short leg J Bead Trim is a clean, secure, and smooth edge, and both legs are angled for a firm hold on sheathing made of gypsum or another material. The outer edge of the long leg has a minor level for a smooth, snug fit, and the base of the long leg has a slight rib that serves as a screed for any finishes that are applied.

Used as a terminal at the junctions of wallboard and other surfaces, channel-type J trim offers a tidy protective edge for wallboard at windows and doors. J Bead Trims are metal trim attachments that have a variety of functions, including protecting the free edges of gypsum wallboards that range in thickness from 1/2″ to 5/8″.








Benefits of J Bead Trim

J Bead Trim from Dass Metals is an edge trim accessory for capping raw gypsum board’s vertical and horizontal edges.

  • Prevents water from penetrating into the board
  • Doesn’t rust
  • Stop electrolysis
  • The ASTM standards D3678 and C1047 must be followed by all drywall accessories.
  • Each product must undergo independent testing to ensure that it complies with Canadian Code and meets ASTM standard D4216-99.
  • Finishes that work with all paint finishes and drywall mud.
  • They must be placed in accordance with industry norms and utilised where the architect specifies.

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