Handy Tips While Installing Steel Studs

Steel studs are easy to work with. In fact, you can DIY the entire process of installing steel studs. Here are some important points to know before you start installing your steel studs.

1. Measure Well

You need to measure and mark the spots where your doors will come, before you install track for it. For this, concrete screws are the best bet

2. Cutting Steel Studs

You can cut your steel studs by snipping on it from whichever side is needed. You can then turn and twist the stud to cut it well. However, you need to ensure you wear safety gloves as the endings are sharp.

3. Marking The Top Plate With A Stud

You can easily measure the top plate by cutting as stud as per the measure and using it to install other studs. This can be a little tricky if the floor of the house is uneven.

4. Protect Your Cords

To ensure complete safety, you should ensure that the cords running into the tracks are well taken care of. If they break, it can be catastrophic.

5.Use Track For Blocking

The top plates which run parallel to the joists need to be fastened well. You could use wood, but it is recommended that you use scrap pieces of studs. You can then fasten them to the back of the joist with drywall screws.

6.Install The Studs From The Rear Of Inside Corners

Drywall sheets do not come together in the inside corners. The sheets will be laid from the back of the inside corner. When you are laying out the stud locations, you need to ensure that the tape is measured all the way to the back of the track.

7.Building Up The Bottom Plate

You can install the base trim with the help of trim screws. Alternatively, you can also install wooden tracks and then install the steel stud. If you are installing the bottom plate on concrete, you can use treated wood.

8.Installing The Track As The Header

You can use a track to keep in place all the headers that aren’t load bearing. The track has to be cut 3 to 4 inches so that it can be bent back. Ensure that the track is fitted heads up.

9.Using Wood Bucks To Hang Doors

It can be quite difficult to hang a door only on steel studs. One easier method is to attach wood bucks to the steel studs so that the door can be fit properly.

10.Leave The Last Stud Loose At The ‘T’ And Inside Corners

This needs to be done to ensure that the drywall is well placed and fitted properly.

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