How To Use Steel Studs

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Unlike wood studs, steel studs are easier to store, are fire resistant and do not shrink or split like their wooden counterparts. On top of that, they are almost 30 percent cheaper than wooden studs.

If you are someone who is used to working with wooden studs, steel studs may be unfamiliar to you, considering the fact that you may need to use special tools and techniques to cut and frame them. However, once you are used to it, there is nothing better (and much more eco-friendly) than using steel studs as against using traditional wood studs.

Tools Needed For Installing Steel Studs

For Steel Studs, You Will Need

  • Aviation metal snips
  • 4 ft level
  • Drill
  • 2inch extension bolt holder
  • C-clamp locking pliers
  • Sheet metal locking pliers
Cutting The Metal Studs & Tracks

You can cut the metal studs and tracks using straight cut aviation snips. Protect your hand using gloves. To make your job easier, you can first cut the stud partially and bend it so that it can be cut faster. This means that you can snip both the ends of the stud, bend it and then cut it with the help of a blade.

Building Walls Using The Studs

If you are building a wall using studs, the first job you need to do is to fit the ceiling and the floor with a steel frame and then fit the steel studs into the walls. If the wall is slanting, ensure that the studs are cut accordingly so that they fit perfectly in the frames tightly

Making Space For Electrical Lines

With the help of steel studs, you can coordinate with the electrician and cut the studs according to the way you want to have the wires through the walls. You need to ensure that the electrical lines are in the right place so that you do not have to make any adjustments to the walls later on. There are special electrical boxes available which you can attach to the steel studs and arrange the wiring accordingly.

Installing Drywall

Once the steel frame and the metal studs are in place, you can then proceed to install the drywall. Before the drywall is installed, the wall may seem flimsy and delicate, but this will all change once you install the drywall and complete the wall.

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