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Why Lightweight Steel Framing is Gaining Popularity

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Earlier wooden framing and studs were used to construct houses. Though these studs were readily available, they had limitations. The main limitation was that these studs could spoil due to moisture or insects.

With the arrival of steel studs, there was a complete change in the way homes were constructed. Steel studs offer a accurate, strong, durable and dimensionally strong material than wood had. It can also be recycled, making it an ideal material to be used for home construction.

There has been a growing number of home builders who are now preferring to use steel stud framing as against wood framing. This is in part due to the fact that wood prices fluctuate and the quality of wood may not be as per expectations.

This is also the reason why many builders and contractors have now fully moved on to using steel stud framing as against using wooden studs. Even for interior partitioning, steel studs are now being used increasingly over the use of metal studs for their better quality, value and ease of use.

Benefits Of Using Steel Studs For Builders

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  • Unlike wooden studs, steel studs do not rot, shrink, swell or warp
  • Steel studs are also non combustible
  • Each steel stud is of the best quality. There is always consistency in the quality.
  • There is minimal waste with steel studs, as against the large scale wastage seen with wooden studs.
  • Steel studs are available in many shapes and sizes- you do not need to make customized ones on-site
  • Steel studs can be easily and quickly fabricated on site, on a secondary site or pre-assembled. The use of steel is very flexible.
  • Using Steel studs is very simple, no large scale training is required to assemble steel studs.
  • The steel stud scrap is easily recyclable.

Benefits Of Using Steel Studs For Homeowners

  • With steel being non-combustible and having greater strength than wood, you can be sure that homes made with steel studs can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and fires. Using the latest technology, we can design homes with steel studs that can meet the highest levels of seismic and wind load speeds.
  • Due to its strength and durability, steel studs can ensure you have more open spaces and design flexibility.
  • With steel studs, you do not need to worry about termites ruining your home.
  • Due to this flexibility, durability and the ability to withstand natural calamities, steel stud made homes can be found in every climate
  • Steel framed walls remain straight and do not cause shrinkage as is the case with wooden studs.

With so many benefits of using steel suds available, there is no doubt that it is becoming increasingly popular for making houses. Some homeowners have this misconception that the steel studs may corrode prematurely and cause challenges to the whole structure. This myth was busted by a study which showed that corrosion in steel studs was minimal and that it is no cause of worry.

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