What is a Hat Channel?

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A hat channel is a corrosion-resistant framing piece, which is used to fur out walls in masonry and ceiling projects. While it is most commonly used in basement renovations, it is used in other applications as well. Hat channels get their name from their hat-like shape. Hat channels are heavily sought after by masons and builders as this is the most affordable way to even out walls. Not only do they provide advantages in the construction process, but they also protect your interior and exterior frames from fire, moisture, corrosion, and other dangerous hazards. Hat channels contain a grooved metal piece which is perfect for levelling out walls. The shape is also ergonomically-friendly, making it easy to install without much hassle at all. Hat channels can be made from a variety of different materials, including steel and aluminium.

Metal Hat Channels

While some of the more traditional furring channels come in wood, metal hat channels have become a popular favourite among masons. Metal is also a preferred choice by many builders because it is fire and sound resistant. Metal is found to be better for structural support and can be easily installed without damaging the other materials around it.

Steel Channels

Hat channels are available in galvanized steel, which can be used in walls or drop ceilings. Steel channels can come in heavier gauges, The steel is galvanized to protect it from any chance of corrosion or flames, making it a safe and long-lasting choice to bond to your ceiling or walls. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to install. Which makes for greater loading capacity. If you are building a heavy-duty basement, a steel channel is the most durable, rigid, and reliable material to use.

Aluminum Hat Channels

Extruded aluminum is great for when you need custom hat channel sizes. Since this is a fairly lightweight metal, it is easy to cut, so you can special-order hat channels in the dimensions that you need. This is a cheap and lightweight material to use as well. However, it’s just as fire and water-proof as the steel options. Aluminum hat channels take on the same primary functions as other metal channels, helping to even out irregular surfaces on your interior or exterior walls.

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