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Dass metal products is one company that has been founded after years of toiling hard with other businesses and scaling up to expand to newer horizons. It all started with a modest retail electronics store on Yonge Street in Downtown Toronto. Mr J Dass, the founder of the Dass group of businesses, slowly expanded from one store to five, and has never looked back since.

Today, the Dass Group of Companies consists of hotels, retail stores and other businesses which are managed professionally by a family business. It is one of the best success stories out there. When Mr J Dass expanded into the hospitality sector, he realised that it was the construction sector which was the most underpenetrated in Canada.

Thus was born Dass Metal Products, which has turned into one of Canada’s biggest construction sector companies. Throughout its existence, Dass Metal has made sure that it provides only the best products to its customers. Dass Metal products has trained its employees in such a way so that it can give only the best service to the customers at all times, a quality of service that is second to none. Dass Metal products is a full line supplier of steel products for drywall installation and for fixing steel framing.

Dass Metal Products has its facility at 1575 Drew Road Mississauga with a 200,000 square feet indoor warehouse, outdoor storage of half a million square feet and  a manufacturing facility to make various steel products for the construction industry.

With Dass Metal’s entry in the construction sector, there is no doubt that it is going to be one of Canada’s premier construction manufacturing companies. The reason for this is simple- housing is a basic necessity, and with an increasing population and increasing immigration to Canada, there ought to be more houses built for these people. Many people also would want to renovate their houses from time to time. This is when drywall and steels studs are needed to make walls.

No matter whatever the reason for you to need our products, we at Dass Metal always ensure that our products are available to you whenever you need them. At Dass Metal, you can get regular steel studs and other products at any time while also ensuring that these products are of the best quality. In case you need customized products, we can arrange for that too, depending on the circumstances.

At Dass Metal Products, we have a team of dedicated, hard working and friendly employees who will stop at nothing to ensure that your expectations are met. For the manufacturing division, there are employees who look into every aspect of production, from making the steel studs to doing the quality check of every steel product that goes out of the facility. Collectively, the entire team of employees has over 50 years of experience between them in manufacturing, trading and recommending you the best products for your home renovation or home building project.

For the past 30 years, this Canadian building products manufacturer has been at the forefront in ensuring proper supply of metal studs and other building products to various areas of Toronto, Mississauga and other areas. There is no doubt that Dass Metal products is one company that has ensured construction across the city are done on time. The next time you or any of your friends need to get any kinds of construction or building products, they now know where they can go.

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