Benefits Of Steel in Non-Load Bearing Walls

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For construction, earlier wooden studs were used. This was because they were easily available and were seen as strong enough to be used for constructing dwellings. However, using wood is now getting outdated, primarily because it is not eco-friendly and its use causes a lot of waste and pollution during the construction process- there are emissions and other chemical waste from resin, wood shavings and other waste that is generated while constructing with wooden studs. To top it all, wooden studs, being organic, are susceptible to getting damaged from insects and moisture, which can cost a bomb in the future.

Top 7 Benefits Of Steel Studs For Non-Load Bearing Walls
Steel Studs- The Present & Future Of Construction

With its disadvantages, there came a time when wooden studs were slowly being replaced by steel studs. They produce very less waste, can be customized and are as strong (or even stronger) than wooden studs. They have the following benefits-

1.Fast installation

You can install a steel stud frame in half the time it would take to do a wooden frame. What’s better is that you get pre-punched holes in the studs for wiring, making life much simpler.

2.Easy installation

Steel studs can be easily installed, somewhat just like fixing lego. This is a far cry from installing wooden studs that take forever.Durability-

Steel studs do not have any additional vulnerabilities of damage from insects, rotting or moisture

3.Best quality

Steel studs come in the best quality available. They are uniformly made and you can trust it to last long. With wooden studs, however, this may not be the story as you need to check the quality of the wood before purchasing.

4.Straight walls

Getting your walls straight is extremely easy with the help of steel studs, you do not need to worry about warping, nail pops or twisting anymore.


With these steel studs, you do not have to worry about your house burning down as they are non-combustible.

6.Environmentally Friendly

These are the most environmentally friendly materials you can get for home construction as they do not destruct ecosystems to fulfil your needs.

7.Sound control

These steel studs are a better conductor of sound than traditional wooden studs.

Availability of sizes

Steel studs come in sizes that are quite similar to traditional wooden studs. This makes it quite simple for construction workers to install these studs whenever necessary.  The steel studs are ‘C’ shaped and need to be installed vertically, with special studs available for horizontal fittings. Generally, one piece of stud is required for every linear piece of wall.

Getting a steel stud partition wall made in your basement, living room or office can take just a few days or weeks depending on the volume of work.

Who knew that the humble steel stud can be so effective in ensuring we live an environmentally friendly life. You can get the best quality steel studs from Dass Metal who also customizes it as per your requirements.

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