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How to Build a Non-Load Bearing?

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For construction, trends have changed from being convenient to becoming eco-friendly. Previously, wooden studs were used to construct homes as lumber was easily available and labour for it was well skilled. However, things have changed for the better now. Steel studs have been found to be easier and quicker to be installed, making them the best replacements for wooden studs.

Installation Steps
Locate The Wall Partitions

First and foremost, you need to mark the measurements on the floor and the ceiling where the metal studs will be installed. You can check the measurements with the help of a plumb bob. You need to make space for doors so that you can order the metal studs accordingly. Ensure that the place of work is dry.

Installing The Track

You can now proceed to install the track on both the ceiling and the floor. On the ceiling, install the Bailey track to the ceiling joists with the relevant screws and fasten them well so that they will always remain in place. When installing track on the floor, cut the track every 24 inches and 2 inches from the cut ends. Always ensure that there is a ¼” space between the track and the concrete wall and that both the top and the bottom of the tracks are aligned.

Installing The Studs

Finally, when it comes to installing the studs, you can cut the studs ½” shorter before punching the distance between the top and bottom of the wall so that there is free movement of the studs. Always ensure that the studs face the same direction. To ensure that the tracks and studs are fitted properly, use friction to ensure a proper fit and use a level to ensure they are straight.

For Door & Windows

Ensure that you fit two studs face to face. Also ensure that the width of the opening has 6-8” has extra space for heading the door. Get the track cut according to the measurements of the door, bend the track according to your requirements. You then need to secure the studs with screws.

Installing The Drywall Panels

The next step is to start installing the drywall panels as instructed by the manufacturer. Cut the panels 3/8” less than the measurements from the floor to the joists and position the panels in the right way.

A Word Of Caution

The steel studs can be hard and sharp, you are requested to be careful while using these studs by wearing special gloves to protect yourselves. Safety glasses will also be needed to protect your eyes from steel shavings. For more details, please contact your distributor to know how to stay safe while installing metal studs.

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