Here’s How Metal Stud Framing is Estimated

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Steel studs are much more efficient to use than wooden studs. Instead of making customized wooden studs on-site, it is always better to use different gauges of steel studs which are easy to install and maintain. Generally, steel studs are used in places where there is a high chance of floods. Estimating the quantity of steel studs is not rocket science, any home owner can do so. All that is needed is to follow the below steps.

  1. Measure the perimeter of the room to know the linear feet of the room. You need to run the tape measure along the base of the room and find out the total length of the room. This total will be the total number of linear feet in the room.
  2. You then need to determine how far apart the steel studs will be installed. For this you need to determine at what intervals the steel studs will be apart and divide it with the perimeter. Usually, steel studs are installed 16 inches apart, so you can divide the perimeter by 16.
  3. To ensure you do not have to face any last minute hassles, you should add in an extra stud to be doubly sure.
  4. Next, you need to figure out the number of tracks that will be needed. These come in 10 foot length and run along the top and bottom of the studs. For this, you need to divide the perimeter by 120 inches to know the number of tracks needed.

After you are done with your estimates, you can place an order for the required metal studs and ensure zero wastage.

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