Quality Steel Studs Supplier Ottawa, Ontario

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Top Leader in supplying steel stud & building products since last 20 years with customized solutions for steel building projects in Ottawa, Ontario. As a family owned business, with a loyal client base in the steel building & construction industry. With the last two decades of experience in the field of manufacturing & supply of steel studs and our ability to maintain a high standard of product quality. Dass Steel Stud Framing system is engineered to provide the ideal solution to create durable and versatile framing systems that also achieve the needs and design criteria in accordance with the Building Code of Ottawa and other appropriate standards.

Canadian Steel Studs Provider & Leader Ottawa, Ontario

Regardless of the size of your projects, big or small, we can help by supplying solutions for steel studs with customized length products that speed up the process confidently and with the utmost attention to quality. We supply quality custom steel studs in all areas Ottawa, Ontario relies on, at the most reasonable prices available in the market today. We manufacture & supply a wide range of steel studs framing products that are available in a variety of different dimensions as per steel building projects in Ottawa.

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