Best Steel Studs Building Suppliers Barrie Ontario

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We supply & manufacture steel studs with local building codes of Barrie, Canada. All steel studs products are built with quality and safety. We provide all sizes, light and heavy gauge steel studs and track; which range in thickness, width and length to fit your needs. We can also customize steel products packages to meet each individual’s project requirements across Barrie, Canada.

Quality Steel Studs Building Suppliers in Barrie

Offering high-quality steel stud supplies in Barrie. For more than 30 years, our steel products have proudly served Barrie’s local builders for residential project & commercial projects in Barrie, Ontario.

Steel Framing is necessary to provide a stable base for both interior and exterior wall coverings. We make accessing building materials easier. Our Pro steel stud features light weight and high-strength steel stud combined with an innovative design that performs even better is showing up for work with smarter solutions for modern builders in Barrie Canada. When building walls, contractors can choose between wood and metal. While both have their advantages, steel framing tends to be lighter, stronger, and easier to transport. It will never twist, warp, grow mold or rot. Metal framing also happens to be resistant to damage from insects, easy to recycle, and environmentally friendly.

We’re more than steel framing; we carry just about anything your project might require. Our friendly, knowledgeable team members are ready to answer any questions you might have about what products are best-suited for your project. Whether you find yourself short on screws or in need of a one-stop shop for your next project. Walk-ins are always welcome.

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