A Continuing Legacy of Superior Service – The Dass Group of Companies

Dass Metal Studs is a wholly-owned Canadian family business that has been in the construction and development industry for over 30 years. J Dass built his business on hard work and his desire to provide a “second to none” service to his customers. Dass began as a modest retail business and has now expanded into industrial and commercial development including hotels, banquet halls, and residential high rise. 

The Precise Quality and Service You Deserve

Our organization entered into the manufacturing business with Dass Metal Studs. Today, we are a full-line supplier of steel products to the drywall and structural steel framing industry. Our metal products business is built on the same Dass philosophy of providing our customers with the quality and service they deserve. We opened our first metal products facility at 1575 Drew Road Mississauga, With a 200,000 square foot Indoor warehouse, manufacturing facility and outdoor storage of half a million square feet.

Delivering To Your Customised Needs is always Our No. 1 Priority

Our objective is to grow the range of products we will be producing at this facility with the objective to enter new markets with existing products while developing new products for existing markets. Our longer-term objective is to expand our business to a number of key areas. We have a strong team of technical, manufacturing and salespeople to serve you.

The Dass Metal Team – Passionate, Skilled, Delighted to Serve You

Our team of professionals includes individuals with rich experience in all areas of the steel framing industry. Our manufacturing team has over 50 years combined experience in roll forming and all other aspects of manufacturing including quality control, ISO certification and in house training.

Over 30 Years of Delivering Excellence

Our sales and engineering team have over 30 years of combined experience in both the design and engineering of steel framing systems as well as the technical skill sets to assist in any project requirement. We are delighted to serve you.

Industries and Services:

  • Dass Metal Products – Customized metal stud solutions
  • Dass Rebar – Steel Rebar, Mesh Sheets, Steel Wire, Links/Stirrups, Corner Bar
  • Dass Metal Sales – Steel manufacturer, processor, and distributor dedicated to providing high-quality products at a highly competitive price
  • Dass Metal Export – Export and distributor of steel products



Our ability to identify your needs and deliver the products you want, helps you build better and faster.


We hold ourselves to very high standards to build and supply products that stand the test of time.


We bring proven expertise to deliver the right products, in the right dimensions, in the right quantity.


We meet your specific needs with experts who will support and guide you at every step.


When you work with us, you can be confident, knowing that we constantly work to make sure we get you the most competitively priced products



We constantly embrace change and seek ways to serve you better in the following ways:

  • Adding value through innovative products and efficient processes
  • Putting our customers at the center of our thinking and serve them with diligence
  • Delivering value beyond expectation by constantly improving our services


Committed to Make a Genuine Difference Each Day

We believe, there’s hardly an endeavor more rewarding than using our talent for the good of others.

We recognize the importance of applying our resources and knowledge to assist those in need. We volunteer with the same standards of professionalism, excellence, and respect that apply to the work we do for any client.

At Dass Metal Studs, we passionately embrace the communities in which we live and work. And, serving those in need occupies a central position in our business plan and our hearts.