Customized Solutions

Over 30 Years of Delivering Excellence.

Our sales and engineering team have over 30 years of combined experience in both the design and engineering of steel framing systems as well as the technical skill sets to assist in any project requirement. We are now delighted to serve you.

We understand that no two clients are the same. And so, their needs are also different.

There are metal studs and drywall accessories and there are the right metal studs and drywall accessories. At Dass Metal, we go the extra mile to customize and get you the right steel studs, metal studs, drywall accessories and more each time. We have a proven history of maintaining our lead times even during busy times across Toronto, Mississauga and across the GTA.

We have an extensive range of ingredients, comprehensive support and industry experience, offering unrivaled benefits to our customers. Our friendly and experienced staff ensures that your specific needs are expertly met each time. We further strive to improve our customer service through constant feedback to ensure our service is continuously at a superior level.

Whatever your product needs, whether you need metal studs, drywall accessories or more, in every size and in every gauge specifications, we’ve got your needs covered.

Our teams continuously attend training classes in order to stay current on product innovations.

Everyone on the team lives by one simple pledge: to get the right products into our customers’ hands as quickly and safely as possible.

This is how we deliver value.