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Operations/Plant Manager, Dass Metal Manufacturing Facility, Vaughan

We are builders, of buildings, of companies, and of people, and we have an exceptional ground floor opportunity for an experienced Plant/Operations Manager to join an emerging steel manufacturing and distribution company.

With 30 years of success, an incredibly diverse portfolio of businesses, and a fundamental entrepreneurial company spirit, our company is poised to take the next step in its Metals Group, and we are looking for the right person to drive all our steel manufacturing, warehousing, processing, and distribution operations.

Someone who will be successful at this role will be someone who also shares a high entrepreneurial spirit, who fearlessly owns their duties and responsibilities, and someone who understands that when we are each great at what we do, we are all great at what we do.

This role is probably unlike your current operations role. You will hire, train, lead, measure, drive, and build a highly functioning operational team. That may be the same. But you will also be relied upon to build facilities, commission equipment, and contribute to the planning and overall execution of our business strategies in the Metals Group, all while constructing the most responsive and customer-focused, and disruptive, company in the metals manufacturing and distribution space.

If you like to hide behind teams of people to do your work for you and need a huge company infrastructure and clear guidance and rules to be successful, we may not be the best place for you. But if you want to contribute, to be fully empowered to the point of being unleashed, can operate both in a “hands-on” capacity but can think strategically, and are unafraid to be wholly relied upon by our team not only for the operations of our metal’s facilities but also to help us build them, then maybe we should talk.

Here are some bullet points around the role, but please re-read the comments above before messaging us, then let’s get going:

  • You have 5+ years of verified experience in the metals manufacturing and/or steel processing industry.
  • You are someone who leads by example with a focus on continuous improvement and safety.
  • You are a very well-organized individual with a strong work ethic who can build, lead, measure and motivate a team in successfully achieving goals
  • You work closely with safety, human resources, and strategic business development to create programs to support compliance and initiatives while operating within budgets and timelines
  • You can build processes from scratch, in all areas of operations
  • You foster continuous improvement activities, reduction of equipment downtime/changeovers, capacity planning, waste/scrap reduction, and cost control
  • You excel in the creation of key performance indicators ensuring they are reviewed, communicated, and achieved while driving quality, efficiency, and cost, but most importantly, you drive an operation focused on customer joy
  • You undertand the difference between building a plant to support a product based business vs one that its success relies on its focus on being the best service based business in its space
  • You undersand the importance of positive and productive relationships with the sales teams
  • You promote a culture of ownership, quality, performance, and accountability through high engagement with everyone on your operations team.
  • Plan, implement and monitor production operations to meet scheduled production volume requirements. Drive production activities to achieve the overall plant production schedule in a business fanatically focused on customer service
  • Ensure the customer’s quality standards are always met
  • Work in collaboration with the scorekeepers to ensure all cost/financial reports are accurately presented promptly
  • You build exceptional inventory management and control process and ensure counts/cycles are performed, discrepancies investigated, and accurate inventory systems are maintained
  • Communicate regularly with all teams to optimize plant performance and resolve issues collaboratively
  • You can design buildings with effective flow and designed for high floor space use, speed, and productivity.
  • You can commission equipment, develop material handling solutions that support speed and efficiency, and you can see what’s next for us
  • You can manage an effective CAPEX process that allows owners to make great investment decisions quickly and reliably for the business.
  • You understand the value of managing our business to the P&L


  • A minimum of 5+ plus years of operational management experience in a steel manufacturing or processing-related field
  • Exceptional leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, ability to coach employees to make decisions and improve their contributions, high entrepreneurial spirit, a strong sense of ownership of your responsibilities, and a builder’s mentality
  • The ability to engage ownership throughout the team Act as a change agent: focus on continuous improvement to bring forward-thinking ideas to constantly add operational flexibility and accelerate our operations
  • Engage employees under your care to make their own decision, with a strong focus on safety
  • Solid financial acumen with strength in analytical skills and proficiency with the Microsoft Office program
  • Work collaboratively, positively, and productively every day with sales and sales leadership to ensure we are faster, more reliable, and more focused on customer needs than any of our peers

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